Simple Simon Scans 1.10.17

Time is the scarcest resource and unless it is managed nothing else can be managed.                                                                               Peter Drucker                                                                      

Effective time management is very important to a profitable bottom line.   For many, some of the day is spent doing what we want to do instead of what must/needs to be done.                                                         DOE                            
In December, I stated, “I was looking for the DOW to hit 20,000 by the second week of January.”  We have three more trading days to see if that happens!

Next week, I begin with a step-by-step approach-what my EOM Members should be doing when the next correction hits and retraces, to be fully invested. 

Today I highlight trading candidates from my Simple Simon Plus Scans. The purpose; discover HPTs-higher (probability, profitability) trades, some before the SS signals hit. 

Some of my best trades happened when candidates moved from long to short or short to long candidates.  Something to consider. 

Don’t forget, if you are short a security when the pay a dividend, the owner of the borrowed shares still get the dividend.  It comes out of your account.

Simple Simon Long Candidates 


Simple Simon Long Candidates 


Action Plan…

Study each candidate then transfer your favorites to a SS Buy and SS Sell watch list.  Determine your trade conditions and set alerts at your broker or 

For example, if a short candidate falls through a hard support level.  Then set an alert at that price level for the security.

When your buy or short signals hit, you know what to do. No trading unless protective stops are in place.

Here is a link to setting alerts at  Online brokers may have a trademarked name: for instance, “Trade Triggers” at TD Ameritrade.  For setting alerts at your broker, contact them and have them walk through the process.

Enjoy your evening,

David O. England

Plan your work, work your plan, and share your harvest! 1 Timothy 2:1-2

This information is for Educational purposes only. It shall in no event be construed or interpreted as an offer or recommendation to buy or sell securities of any kind.

DAVID O. ENGLAND is the founder of the Eye on the Market-Training Academy and Associate Professor Emeritus of Finance. This column is presented for educational purposes only and not intended as financial advice.

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