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Another day of selling with all three major indexes-data from Stockcharts.com.
Ok…some have never heard of “Brexit.”  This column can help explain what it is and its importance. 

“The yield on the 10-year benchmark German bund fell into negative territory for the first time on Tuesday morning, amid global growth concerns and jitters over the U.K.’s upcoming referendum on its European Union membership.”  Click

here for more info. 


Check out the attachment-data from Haver Analytics and Barclays Research.  This chart shows VIX spikes going into well-known risk events….similar to what is going on now, going into the “Brexit” decision.

Tonight is “Trading Tuesday,” and by request, I am crunching the chart on TVIX-their profile from Yahoo Finance.


Key Points on TVIX…

1.  Previous runs are highlighted

2.  Slow Stochastics and RSI (10) and MACD Histogram are currently giving the best Buy Signals

3.  Since the $2.10 bottom and the price crossed over the 15 SMA, TVIX has run 38%

4.  The largest previous runs were actually two or three runs before the big drop hit

5.  Does not trade with a 100% correlation to the $VIX


Q-Do I own shares of TVIX?

A-I have traded TVIX numerous times but do not own shares today.


I almost pulled the trigger on a half-position today but held off…the Buy Signal was not there.


My strategy….See where the Institutions take profits from the $2.10 bottom.  Then take on a half-position

for a 2-3-4 day run when a buy signal hits.  I would like to see a technical reset, before buying.


I am also watching UWTI for a swing trade.


Tomorrow, I analyze the SPX Rip Van Winkle…don’t miss it!


Enjoy your evening!



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