EOM 4.26.16 “Trading Tuesday” XIV

Good Evening,
Another directionless day-data from stockcharts.com.  Per the Sectors, Energy took top honors on the Bearish side. 
Here is an excellent article on Volatility from etfdb.com.
Today is “Trading Tuesday,” and I feature a unique Volatility Fund XIV-the profile from Yahoo Finance.  
Key Points on XIV…
1.   Top Box-It tracks the $VIX inversely (.94) so it follows the market  
2.   I highlighted (blue-slotted) each time the $VIX traded over 20
3.   This signaled an XIV reversal with impressive runs
This is one of my favorite trading strategies.  I watch for when the $VIX runs past 20.  Then I track XIV to see if a Simple Simon Buy Signal is generated.
Here is a chart to study for the actual trade signals.
Enjoy your evening!


David England has sent you a SharpChart snapshot from StockCharts.com:

a SharpChart snapshot from StockCharts.com

Comments from David England:

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