Recent Market Minutes

If you are interested in learning more about the market, my daily “Market Minute” radio segments are for you. On a daily basis, I answer listeners’ questions on market terms and the basics on how to build financial wealth. Here are the most recent additions to the Market Minute.

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Market Minute – Mutual Fund B Shares

In this Market Minute, David defines Class B Funds and tells us how the commission is paid at the sale.

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Market Minute – What is FOREX?

In this Market Minute, David explains what FOREX is and how important it is for international trade.

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Market Minute – Penny Stocks

In this Market Minute, David tells us that Penny Stocks are not really a penny, and to follow the lead of the institution investors when buying.

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Market Minute – Ask Price

In this Market Minute, David answers the question “What is Ask Price?” and tells us to always bid lower.

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Market Minute – What is Beta?

In this Market Minute, David gives an explanation for how “Beta” is used in the market, and tells us how the Beta number signifies risk.

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