Q & A: DOE Q & A Missing Posts 8.5.16


EOM Members,
I have received requests if I am OK since they have not received a message since Tuesday.
First, I thank those who reached out to make sure I am OK.  I am well-thank you.  The family is healthy and happy: we are blessed. As far as my ball team (Cardinals) and my yard (crabgrass)…that is a different story. Yes, I post daily. You can find my Wednesday and Thursday posts at the website.
Second, every couple of months, a small number of members do not receive my email’s
from this Outlook email.  This usually lasts a few days and then it is back to normal.  Who knows why?  Some find my posts in their Junk or Spam file.  If this happens, simply transfer it into you inbox.  Many times this solves the problem.
Third, because of this challenge, my webmaster designed a system where each message is posted in the “Members Vault,” by category.  Each post is available usually within one hour after distribution. I have a team member check to make sure each message is filed in the correct group.  If something is not correct, they find me no matter the time of day to make sure everything is OK.
Four, some that failed to receive messages have switched to a new system like Windows 10.  When this happens, things change internally causing problems-I have no clue to why.
Five, some that failed to receive messages discovered that my email and contact info is missing-I am clueless to why.
Six, If I know I will not be able to send a daily post, I will give a heads-up.  There have been a few times when my office Internet went AWOL, and I posted from my plan B location.  
Seven, if by 8 PM CST you have not received my evening post, then go to the “Members Vault” at the website.  If one is not there, then please send an email.  When I am on the road, I am held hostage to the quality of the hotel Internet.
I am working on another distribution email site for my daily posts.  I am disappointed with outlook.com, although I have had fewer problems here than at my Gmail address.
Any and all feedback is appreciated.
Thank you,

David O. England


Plan your work, work you plan, share your harvest!  Philippians 2:3-4
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