Garden Growing and 2017 Q3 DIV. Report Q&A VI 10.12.17

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EOM Q&A: Garden Growing and 2017 Q3 DIV. Report Q&A VI  10.12.17

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Q&A Continued…

DOE–Let’s review the All-Star A&B funds in the Q4 2015 report.  Why?  This is the report before the last tradable pull-back in Q1 2016. 

Here is the complete list of nine candidates performance to date. 

Next, an audit to see if any All-Star A candidates eliminated their dividends.

The Q4 2015 All-Star A list…

One of the biggest problems with Garden Growing is the elimination of their dividend.  Reducing dividends may be prudent to be good stewards. 

Candidates and current dividend yield and frequency

PMF  5.25% Monthly
PMX  5.62% Monthly
ICF    3.04%  Monthly
PEY   3.43%  Monthly
PGF   5.39%  Monthly

The results–all funds reduced their yield but did not eliminate
any dividends.  

Next, the current Q4 2015 All-Star A candidate performance  

Key Points…
1.  The previous performance leader PMF was the laggard and the only candidate with a negative return. 
2.  This point is so important to show how the previous number one performer does not always stay number one.

3.  All other candidates had positive returns.


1. Outperforming the market is a goal for the short game-trading.
2.  Positive returns and more important–not eliminating dividends is the goal for the long-game–Garden Growing.

Tomorrow, I break-down the All-Star B group performance and results.

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