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Good Evening,
The Bulls lost their upward momentum today with all three major indexes closing in the red-data from Stockcharts.com.
Tomorrow will be very interesting with the Brexit voting-lasting all day.  It will be a day to watch and learn.  
If one takes a trade hoping something will go up or down–this is nothing short of gambling.  Only trade when the systems are on your side.  No trading for me–I will be fine tuning Playbook 2016/2017 candidates to be released very soon.
Per today’s chart, the VIX jumped a lot more than the SPX went down-percentage wise.  This shows where the “big money” is putting their funds.  
Tonight I begin my Analysis of the Motley Fool Contributors–Buy List for June.  Click on the link to see the candidates I will evaluate.
A key point on these contributors at Motley Fool.  I plan to highlight their stock picking record and other stats.  It speaks volumes when the stock picking source (Motley Fool), highlights the stock picker and their track record.  
Remember, we don’t make ourselves taller by making others shorter.  It takes courage to put your picks out there for the world to see.  I am highlighting the contributors so when we find one with bad/good quality picks-then we know who to monitor in the future.  
Let’s get started.
The first step is to see how each candidate is performing compared to the SPX.  My chart focuses on the performance comparison year-to-date.  The vertical line represents the date the column was received. 
The results…only two stocks are outperforming the SPX while five stocks are underperforming the market. This gives us a strength/weakness profile.  

Tomorrow, I begin my stock analysis (alphabetical order) with a pick of CF Industries from Neha Chamaria. Here is a link to her previous pick stats and trivia.  Neha has some very interesting articles/columns.  I am sure we can learn from her work.
Here is a link for more info on the CAPS terminology.

My analysis will be more in-depth than with the Cramer Challenge.  If you want to learn how to make money swing or momentum trading, this is the place to be.  Do your homework on each security using the Simple Simon Buy/Sell System.  Here is a link to tomorrow’s chart.

Enjoy your evening!
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