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Eye on the Market Training Academy

EOM Membership 2017 Features

Daily Market Reports
A.  My “Chart of the day,” including “What I see going on in the market.”
B.  Macro-Monday, my Big-Picture view, and opportunities in selected markets.
C.  Trading/Technical Tuesday feature my proprietary chart set-ups (to download)  and potential long and short trading candidates for your watchlist.
D.  Q&A where I answer your questions.
E.  Pre-Market reports. When the US DOW Index Futures are trading up or down 100 pts., I alert members and offer trading ideas for the day.
F. Custom Charts. Designed to download into your personal account including the chart design set-up. This is a real time saver!
G. VIP Pass for all online and in-person seminars-Platinum Membership.


Member’s Vault Access with Personal Log-In and Password.
Daily chart/message archive by groups
Daily Message
Technical/Trading Tuesday
Garden Growing Prep I & II
Q & A
Trading Futures
Bond Fund Reports
Playbook 2017 Data-May 2017 distribution (sample) My proprietary list of High-Dividend paying closed-end, exchange traded funds and select corporations by category.


 White Paper-High Dividend Fund Report Published quarterly. (sample) My proprietary list of high-dividend paying closed-end, exchange traded funds. This report also includes:

A.  Total Return Performance (price and dividend) from the past year
B.  Commission Free Broker Identification
C.  Average Volume
D.  Expense Ratio
E.  Dividend Frequency
F.  Dividend Yield
G.  Dividend Amount
H.  Percent of the 52 Week High
I.   Effective Spread (Yield – Expense Ratio)

White Paper-Sector Report. Published semi-annually. (sample) This report is designed to identify sector trends and trading opportunities.  The data is similar to the Fund Dividend Report with the addition of the number of holdings in each fund.

Garden Growing Asset Allocation Worksheets and DOE Sample Guide

Rules of the Road Worksheet

Asset Allocation Worksheets and DOE Sample Guide

VIP High Dividend CEF Report

Simple Simon Lessons

Welcome Letter and Study Guide
Lesson One: The Big Picture and Seasonality
Lesson Two: Using Watch Lists
Lesson Three: Performance Charts
Lesson Four: Simple Simon Buy System
Lesson Five: Simple Simon Sell System
Lesson Six: Taking Profits and Downside Protection
Lesson Seven: Q & A and Wrap Up!

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Monthly memberships will automatically renew. You may cancel at any time to disable auto-renewal.

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Q. What types of payment do you accept?
A. We accept VISA, Master Card and Discover.

All Eye on the Market-Training Academy data/information/reports etc., is composed and published for the sole purpose of educating and informing individuals interested in Stocks, Funds, or other equities. These publications/reports are not intended to offer investment advice. This information shall in no event be construed and interpreted as an offer or recommendation to buy or sell securities of any kind.

Neither the author nor anyone associated with these publications/reports are registered investment advisors or a broker-dealer. Trading involves risk–you may lose part or all of your investment or even more in the case of shorting.

Past performance does not guarantee or imply any future success. Accordingly, do not trade with money you cannot afford to lose. Readers should not assume that profits will be realized, or that any trade will be profitable. Consult with a registered investment advisor concerning the risks inherent in the stock market before investing or trading any securities.

Finally, consult a tax advisor to determine the suitability of any investment or trade. The daily reports are published fifty weeks of the year and NOT ON HOLIDAYS.