GGN Analysis 11.17.16

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Important Notice:  Credit Suisse AG Announced UWTI and DWTI are being delisted. Click here for details.  They will be dropped from the Playbook 2016/17 at the end of the month.  It is sad to see them go.

All three major indexes closed in the green.  The SPX is nearing a new high. 

Today I analyze GGN, the performance leader in group A-Closed-End Fund Equity (C A3) and Global (C A4) Funds.

Last month, I analyzed a daily chart for GGN.  Today I add another perspective and focus on the weekly two-year view.

Key Points on GGN

1.    Is currently tracking GOLD (.84) more than the SPX (.25)

2.    The dividend amount has been stable at .07 per shares since the reduction in early 2015

3.    After the SS Buy Signal hit in February 2016, GGN ran over 58%, making it a good trading candidate as well

4.    Currently, profit taking hit with the current 18% drop

In full disclosure, GGN is a core “Garden Growing” holding in one of my long-term accounts.

I also consider it as a trading candidate using my 5-10-15 SMA Simple Simon.

Enjoy your evening,

David O. England

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