All-Star B List DSU 12.28.16

In the long run, investing is not about markets at all. Investing is about enjoying the returns earned by businesses.                                     John C. Bogle

It looks like 20,000 will not hit today but profit taking is.  

I am watching BOND for another large end-of-year distribution. Previously, in 2014/15 it hit on December 29. News just hit that it will pay .68/share.  I plan to pass since the SS Buy Signal is not there.
I continue to analyze individual ETPs in my All-Star B list; searching for quality “Garden Growing” candidates.

Today I focus on a “Group B” performance leader DSUBlackrock Debt Strategies Fund.

Key Points…
    1. Is trading in with a .88+ correlation to the SPX
    2. Consistent monthly dividend payment amount until the jump to .0825/share
    3. Had a 1:3 reverse split on November 16, 2016 so the technicals are      “skewed” for the next 30 days or so.
    4. Has an average daily volume of 390K
    5. Is an ETF
    6. Has a current distribution spread of 5.55% (6.73% – 1.18%)

Tomorrow and Friday I wrap up the All-Star B list candidates and feature NRO and DNP.

Enjoy your week!

David O. England

Plan your work, work your plan, and share your harvest! 1 Timothy 2:1-2

This information is for Educational purposes only. It shall in no event be construed or interpreted as an offer or recommendation to buy or sell securities of any kind.

DAVID O. ENGLAND is the founder of the Eye on the Market-Training Academy and Associate Professor Emeritus of Finance. This column is presented for educational purposes only and not intended as financial advice.

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