2011 Pullback B Analysis

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Yesterday the SPX closed under key support.  Today all three major indexes closed under key support.  Tomorrow’s close will be extremely important.

Today I analyze SPX during the 2011-19% Pullback A. We will see if the Simple Simon gave quality entry signals.

SPX 2011 Pullback B Chart

Key Points…

1.    SPX tested support two times forming a double bottom before breaking out

2.    A SS Buy Signal was generated in October when the CMF and MACD Histogram went positive

3.    In November, SPX retraced and tested the original entry point. 

4.    This happens 85% of the time, hence my 85% rule.

In conclusion, the Simple Simon DID generate a SS Buy Signal during Pullback B.

Tomorrow, I analyze SPX 2015-Pullback C to see if a SS Buy Signal was generated or if it failed miserably.

Enjoy your day,

David O. England

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