Man hikes hundreds of miles to JALC

The following article by Teri Campbell appeared in “The Southern” (Carbondale, IL) on January 8, 2010. David is quoted in this article.

CARTERVILLE — It was a long commute, but Phil Sands said it was worth the time and effort. Every week during the fall semester, the Champaign resident made a nearly 400-mile round-trip trek to John A. Logan College in Carterville to take FIN 230, a financial entrepreneurship class taught by Associate Professor of Finance David England, who educates students about trading and investing in the stock market and securities industries.

“Making that long drive was taxing and even exhausting at times, but I would do it again in minute,” Sands said. “I enjoyed the class immensely and learned a lot. The course provided trading strategies for all kinds of stock market conditions, and I gained valuable knowledge about the market itself.”

Sands learned about the class by chance.

“I was having lunch in Champaign with a friend of mine who teaches at the University of Illinois when a friend of his stopped by to say hello,” Sands said. “He introduced us and said his friend was involved in trading the market.

“That piqued my interest so we chatted about his trading approach and strategy. He was from Southern Illinois and he told me about David England and his classes. I decided to enroll and I’m glad I did. David is a wonderful instructor, and I liked the other students I met in the class. People in Southern Illinois are fortunate to have such a great resource and opportunity available to them.”

Sands believes people at all investment levels can benefit from England’s classes.

“I would encourage anyone who has an interest in the market and in trading to take David’s classes and to take them multiple times,” he said. “It does not matter if someone is just starting out or has been involved in the market for years. These classes provide an effective forum for learning and discussion and for students to acquaint themselves with professionals in the industry.”

England described Sands as an asset to the class.

“Phil was an excellent student,” England said. “He’s an educator by profession, and he contributed a lot by asking insightful questions and interacting with the other students. I’m glad he found the class worthwhile. My goal in my financial entrepreneurship classes is to educate the students on the market and its various trading vehicles so they can become financially independent.”