David O. EnglandDavid O. England is the founder of “Eye on the Market” Training Academy, as well as an active trader and investor, stock market analyst, columnist, and speaker. He is the publisher of “Eye on the Market,” daily subscriber reports, the “Market Minute” radio show, and the very popular “Executive Summary” white paper for the dividend/share building investor.

As an Associate Professor of Finance at John A. Logan College in Carterville, Ill., David developed his very popular “Financial Entrepreneurship” stock market classes and his “Financial Friday” one-day seminars. Over the years, he has taught many how to build financial wealth in the stock market.

During his TV segments in late 2007, David began warning people that it was time to take some profits, and in 2008 he warned that there was a major financial storm brewing, and it was time to put profits in a safe haven. Many of his students, viewers, and listeners followed his advice and are happy that they did so.

Known for his humor and common sense approach, David brings a refreshing blend of academia and trading experiences into his seminars, classes, and columns.